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March 26, 2020

Edgey watches Youtube Trending 26/3/20

This is me watching trending videos on youtube and reacting with some BS comments hope you enjoy, just getting content out there. Quality control is low unfortunately

My Tracks
March 4, 2020

Plastic Love

Nice little slow acid chugger with uplifting piano. Enjoy! >>>>>>>>>> DOWNLOAD LINK ON NEXT PAGE <<<<<<<<<<

My Tracks
January 27, 2020

End of Time

Turned this nice little piano riff into a progressive builder of a track. Hope you enjoy it. >>>>>>>>>> DOWNLOAD LINK ON NEXT PAGE <<<<<<<<<<

My Tracks
September 26, 2019

LR Tribute

A tribute to a tune that lit the fire. Hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane. >>>>>>>>>> DOWNLOAD LINK ON NEXT PAGE <<<<<<<<<<

My Tracks
August 28, 2019

Random Research

Random elements come in and out in this busy acid production >>>>>>>>>> DOWNLOAD LINK ON NEXT PAGE <<<<<<<<<<

My Tracks
August 15, 2019

Damn Thing

A mellow deep house vibe track with a familiar sample. Free download on next page. >>>>>>>>>> DOWNLOAD LINK ON NEXT PAGE <<<<<<<<<<

August 13, 2019

OP Mix (Oldskool Piano)

Oldskool Piano Mix. Featuring Alison Limerick, ASHA, Touch of Soul, SLD and others…. >>>>>>>>>> DOWNLOAD LINK ON NEXT PAGE <<<<<<<<<< Touch of Soul – We Got The Love Thirst – Enemy Within SLD – Getting Out SBam – Take Me Away Yo Bots – I Got It White Piano – Hey Toi Aime Moi 4 For Money – Moment In Time K Klass – Rhythm Is A Mystery Mr Monday – Appreciate Last Rhythm – Last Rhythm (Vocal Battle) Hi Liner – Loving You Max Kelly – MKOK 7 Grand Housing Authority – The Question Mister X – Round Here FPI Project – Everybody Alison Limerick – Where Love Lives Together – Hardcore Uproar Xpansions – Move Your Body JT Company – Don’t Deal With Us MCP – Over Me Goss – So What System – Don’t Stop Selector – Move Your Body Powerline – Energy Congress – 40 Miles PKA – Temperature Rising Sound of One – As I Am ASHA – JJ Tribute Electric Choc – Shock The Beat Pierre Feroldi – Moving Now Njoi – Anthem New Atlantic – I Know Hyper Go Go – High Shades of Rhythm – Sound Of Eden

My Tracks
July 30, 2019

Acid Reign

A live acid breakbeat track by yours truly >>>>>>>>>> DOWNLOAD LINK ON NEXT PAGE <<<<<<<<<<

About Me
July 19, 2019

about ∫ original acid house veteran ∫ Producing for 10 years and DJing since the early 90s I still love that retro sound. Tunes that evoke feelings the pioneering sounds had back in the day still sound boss to me. Chicago Acid House, Detroit Techno, Belgium New Beat, Italo Disco where rolling 303 basslines, lifting pianos and heavily sampled vocals all met to create majestic soundscapes. Oh and we had some help from our friend, MDMA. The mind opener. If you want to contact me use the social media icons to the right! Peace xx