February 6, 2019

Hey people – welcome to edgey.com 

Producing and DJing since the early 90s I still love that retro sound. Tunes that evoke feelings the pioneering sounds had back in the day still sound boss to me. Chicago House, Detroit Techno, Belgium New Beat, Italo Disco where rolling 303 basslines, lifting pianos and heavily sampled vocals all met to create majestic soundscapes.

Oh and we had some help from our friend, MDMA. The mind opener.

Anyway thanks for visiting, this is where I will be putting links to all the content I produce. I am aiming to produce regular content on things that interest me: DJ mixes, my own tunes, reviews of tech and kit, some gaming stuff & just about anything else I find funny and/or stupid.

Feel free to look around, you can use the menu up top to find the different categories or use the drop down box to the right (don’t think you can use drop down if your on a mobile device)

If you want to contact me best place is twitter I am not a big fan of facebook, even though I do have a page there. There is also my youtube channel and when I do live stuff its on twitch.tv

Anyway you can see these links above the drop down box to the right, feel free to click away.

Peace out