About Me
July 19, 2019


edgey.com ∫ original acid house veteran ∫ Producing for 10 years and DJing since the early 90s I still love that retro sound. Tunes that evoke feelings the pioneering sounds had back in the day still sound boss to me. Chicago Acid House, Detroit Techno, Belgium New Beat, Italo Disco where rolling 303 basslines, lifting pianos and heavily sampled vocals all met to create majestic soundscapes. Oh and we had some help from our friend, MDMA. The mind opener. If you want to contact me use the social media icons to the right! Peace xx

June 9, 2020

Free Acid Sample Pack!!!

50 Samples (dry and wet 100 total), and a couple of drum loops. Include these in your productions or DJ sets for free. Njoi!! >>>>>>>>>> DOWNLOAD LINK ON NEXT PAGE <<<<<<<<<<

My Tracks
May 31, 2020

This shit is real

A bit of an acid tribal workout track with lots of tweaking. Njoi! >>>>>>>>>> DOWNLOAD LINK ON NEXT PAGE <<<<<<<<<<

Mixes YouTube / Twitch
May 12, 2020

DJ MIX – 3hrs – Slow Style House

Cheeky little 90 min mix I did on twitch.tv on 12th May 2020. Just random select tunes from my Tidal playlist in Serato DJ. Peace and love people, but no letters xx

YouTube / Twitch
May 9, 2020

Anthony H Wilson Tribute

Played this on stream last night, little tribute to Anthony H. Make sure to follow me on twitch, Facebook is pure gash for doing live streaming

Mixes YouTube / Twitch
April 25, 2020

3hr Live Mix

Cheeky little 3hr mix I did on twitch.tv last night. Ended up chatting to the Corn legend himself Gaz Crilly towards end of it. Peace and love people, but no letters xx

YouTube / Twitch
April 7, 2020

DJ’s vs Hot Knobs EP1

Live commentary about the dangers DJs face whilst using a mixer that is 100 degrees in heat. Please note the tracks playing are just loops from my library so I don’t get hit with copyright.

YouTube / Twitch
April 6, 2020

Edgey watches: Trending videos (6/4/20) COVID19 Lockdown

This is me watching trending videos on youtube and reacting with some BS comments hope you enjoy, just getting content out there. Quality control is low unfortunately. Least I’m honest. Anyway leave some links to videos you want me to review/take the piss out of. Ta